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Remit all Book Orders to:


Franklin County Historical Society - Kittochtinny 
175 East King Street
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201


Note: we are required to charge 6% PA sales tax on all items except clothing.


The following books may be purchased through PayPal.  Please see FCHS-K PayPal (last link in menu)


1843 Cell Tax Records $25


A History Between the Rivers: The Susquehanna, The Juniata, and the Potomac 1609-1959.  Compiled and written by C. Arnold McClure, 564 pages, 2009 $20.00 soft/ $39.99 hard plus tax and shipping.  Timeline of newspaper and other gathered accounts of the first 350 years of PA and American History


Cumberland Valley Barns: Past and Present - Franklin County Revisited by Dianna Clemens-Heim $23.58


Early Homes of Montgomery Township, summer tour booklet. $2.50


Forbes Road Expedition, 1758. Eschenmann. $13.00


Forbes Road: Parnell's Knob to Burnt Cabins. Foreman 1954. (used) $165.00


Franklin County Ghosts.  Athena Varounis.  $14.99


Haunted Pennsylvania. $10.95


 Historical Reminiscences of the War by Hoke. $20.00


John Brown in Chambersburg, by Virginia Ott Stake, 2nd Edition, 2009. $20.00

Essential reading for any Civil War or local history buff!  Tells the story of Chambersburg's role in the planning of John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, VA in 1859. 


John Brown in Chambersburg, Stake.  $ 15 (first publication)


John Brown's Raid, National Park Service. $7.95


John Brown, The Thundering of Jehovah. $14.95  Reduced!


Map Plan of Chambersburg in 1850. $5


Mennonites of Washington County and Franklin County PA Conferences $40.00


My Dear Aunt Martha (four families in Path Valley) by Barbara Shave $38


Old Brown's Mill School, 175th Anniversary booklet $2.00


Palmer Papers Index by Houpt. $15.00


Papers Read before the Society, Vol. I, 1898. Reprint 1998. (The Kittochtinny Papers) $12.00


Papers Read before the Society, Vols. 14, 16, 17, 19, 20. $18.00 each.


Papers Read before the Society, Vols 21, 22 (2010), 23 (2011)  New $5.00 each


Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank. (67 pages). $5.00 inc. tax and shipping.


Postcard History Series: Cumberland Valley - from Tuscarora to Chambersburg to Blue Ridge, by Ann Hull. Softbound. $21.99


Recollections of Chambersburg 1830-1860 by Cooper. $15.00 Softbound or $20.00 Hardbound


Some Chambersburg Roots: A Black Perspective. by C. Bernard Ruffin (reprint by permission of Bopic, Inc, July 2011) $20.00


The Caledonia Story 1758-2001, Eschenmann $7


The Elusive Fort Morris, Eschenmann $30

"This is the Place That Was" Chambersburg 1919-1949: My memories of the people, things and events of that time, by Bill Higgins, May 1991, 87 pages. $12


Tonoloway: If Its Walls Could Talk, John Mentzer. $25.00  (Tonoloway church in Fulton County)


Will Abstracts of Franklin County, Pennsylvania (1784-1826), softbound. $24.00

 Zook's Boy - Letters of Leander Zook, 1988 by Nelson. $10.00

From 1887 to 1891 Leander Zook wrote 122 letters to the editors of three newspapers.  His letters consist of humorous, nostalgic short stories, bitter essays on intemperance and an incredible insight into Victorian Washington politics.  Letters were sent to the Fulton Democrat, Fulton Republican (these are mostly humorous stories of McConnellsburg in the 1850s and 1860s) and the Pleasanton Observer.


Franklin County Historical Society does not stock the following books. 


Smith Rebellion 1765 Gives Rise to Modern Politics by Kren Ramsburg.

This book adds to the story of James Smith of Franklin County and the too little recognized series of incidents that pre-dated our War for Independence.  As the book jacket states "...the first shots in the Anerican Revolution were fired in Mercersburg, PA in 1765".  Order through Amazon or (book available as EBook or Kindle).



Contact Wayne E. Taylor, RR 3, Box 825, Mifflintown, PA 17059 (717) 436-8308 email , a publication of - $19.95 Softback; $27.95 Hardback


Hope on the Tuscarora, Wayne E. Taylor

 An historical novel of the French and Indian War.  This book is based on an attack on Fort Bigham in the Tuscarora Valley on June 11, 1756 and the subsequent captivity, enslavement, and escape of Robert Taylor (Wayne E. Taylor's ancestor).


Hope Rekindled, Wayne E. Taylor

Sequel to Hope on the Tuscarora sees the return of Robert Taylor to the Tuscarora Valley and the activities of the Paxton Boys, James Smith's Black Boys, and the Scotch-Irish settlers before and during the American Revolution.

Thaddeus Stevens in Gettysburg: The making of an Abolitionist, Bradley R. Hoch

Dr. Hoch was our speaker for April, 2007.  To purchase his book, please follow this link:

The Horseshoe Curve: Sabotage and Subversion in the Railroad City   by Dr. Dennis P. McIlnay   

Dr. McIlnay brings together three stories:  the building of the Horseshoe Curve, the Nazi Plot to destroy it, and the July 1, 1942 FBI search of of the homes of 225 Altoonans suspected of being "enemy aliens" 


Juniata River of Sorrows: One Man's Journey into a River's Tragic Past,  by Dr. Dennis P. McIlnay

A book of "remembrance and research" that takes the author (and the reader) drifting down a 100 mile stretch of the Juniata.


Books may be purchased on line or by mail. Click the titles above to see prices and details.



An early settler of Colerain Township, Captain Anthony Smith (1755-1835) whose father,  Frederick Smith (1725-1779), had patented land in the German Settlement, Guilford Township, Franklin County, left collateral lines in Franklin County including Beckner, Braizar/Braizon, Cook, Creager, Croft, Cromer, Deatrich, Duke, George, Gift, Grove, Huber, Hummelsine, Irvin, Isenberger, Kellar/Keller, Krafft, Leedy, Lohman, Lowry, Miller, Moats, Reisher, Rosenberg, Rosenberger, Rutt, Shank, Speilman, Sprow, Stamy, Thompson, Waldman, Wilt, Youst, and Zumbro. 


Published by Mastof Press, Morgantown, PA; 195 pages; Perfect Bound;

ISBN: 978-1-60126-056-7

Book may be ordered through the



 by Frederick Walter


Basically the story of two farm children during the period of the battle of Gettysburg; however, the first part of the book carries information on Hezekiah Easton and Ft. Loudon.


Published by Xlibris Press, For information go to:



 CRAWFORD, by Richard Wagner


A historical biography of Samuel Wylie Crawford of Fayetteville, PA who was a scholar, physician, soldier, explorer, world traveler, historic preservationist, and author (Genesis of the Civil War). 


Published by White Mane Publishing; toll free ordering: 1-888-948-6263; email

Price: $19.95 plus applicable shipping and taxes


Contact author at or phone 717-263-4483


 AND MEN OF THE ROYAL AMERICAN REGIMENT 1763-1764, by Kenneth P. Stuart


Military historian and instructor Kenneth P. Stuart thoroughly researched the official papers of Bouquet and his contemporaries for this detailed study of Bouquet's success against the Indians on the western frontier of Pennsylvania.


Published by Heritage Books. ISBN 0-7884-4330-5 Price: $25.00

Go to: 


"SHELTER FROM THE STORM" FREDERICK, MARYLAND: A Place of Refuge in the Seven Year's War by Robert Kozak


Hundreds of British and Colonial troops camped in Frederick before marching to their fate at Ft. Duquesne.  Their historic defeat cleared the way for French and Indian war parties to drive virtually all western settlers to east of South Mountain in campaigns from 1755 to 1757.


"Shelter from the Storm" tells the story of how these momentous